Populate Co-op is passionate about the arts and culture being accessible to all. Our founders have a long background in bringing some of the most celebrated artists and thinkers of our time into community settings. Creating free events in everyday settings which attract audiences as diverse as the population of our city gets us excited.

Here are some of the events which Populate and it’s founders have created in the past:

8698051613_10c56d8f36_oGrayson Perry

In 2013 the founders of Populate took Grayson Perry on a tour of Oxford starting near the Mini Plant in east Oxford. He visited The Art Room at Oxford Spires Academy and Modern Art Oxford on his rickshaw ride through our city on route to giving a talk at the Ashmolean Museum.



10483813455_b76b9874e5_oPeter Tatchell

In October 2013 the venue was Quarter Horse Cafe on Cowley Road for Peter Tatchell who shared his experiences from a lifetime of activism and campaigning. Making events like this one free and located in the vibrant east end of Oxford are an important principle for Populate, so that experiencing these inspiring speakers is accessible to all.




Cornelia Parker




9956934143_83a186b4da_oIain Sinclair


Author: populatecoop

Populate Co-operative is a community owned organisation creating and facilitating events in UK cities. We actively deliver programmes of events and develop tools and resources, but also mentor and support artists, creatives and community organisations to deliver their own successful events. We are passionate about bringing places to life with people, whether those places are parks, city squares, libraries, cafes or art galleries.

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