The Workshop Studio

image1In the heart of east Oxford The Workshop Studio offers affordable space to the creative community in our city.

Managed by Populate the studio is home to a small number of professionals who share our ethos and often contribute to our events and projects.

Populate is always on the look out for spaces it could manage to offer affordable studio space within Oxford.


Bicycle Aid

Access to a working bicycle has a big impact on day to day life for refugees in Calais.

Started in the summer of 2015 this project has made three trips to the refugee camps in France, built a bike workshop in the aid distribution centre and supplied tens of bicycles.

Visit Bicycle Aid’s website HERE and follow the project on Instagram HERE.


Bee Saviour Behaviour

Halting bee decline is a cause that we should all be connected to and Bee Saviour Behaviour is a project that aims to connect large numbers of people to the importance of bee survival.

Through creating widespread engagement with workshops we’ll get hundreds (maybe thousands) of people making bee saviour kits and taking out into the work their own story of bee survival.

Visit Bee Saviour Bahaviour’s website HERE and follow them on Instagram HERE.

Virtual School of Art

Our Virtual School of Art brings young people together working across Oxfordshire to deliver art workshops in partnership with Oxfordshire Virtual School for Looked After Children. These workshops involve making series of artworks using a range of techniques from graffiti, printmaking through to painting and design work.

These arts workshops will culminate in a final exhibition at Oxford’s community arts centre Ark T in Temple Cowley.

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