Podcast #1: Adam Klug a founding Momentum member in conversation with Claude

Adam Klug a founding member and a former national organiser of Momentum, a left wing British political organisation founded in 2015 four weeks after Jeremy Corbyn’s successful campaign for the Labour leadership. Momentum has been described as a grassroots movement supportive of Corbyn and the Labour Party. We hope you can join Adam for a informal conversation, with Claude Barbe-Brown who is a Programme Officer for Inspire Education Business Partnership, by day and an Artist and Broadcaster by night. Claude was a presenter on The Beat London 103.6FM Known as The Man Who Knows. A DJ of eclectic and alternative radio show, and he also contributes to Bristol Crack Magazine with music interviews and reviews

Podcast #2: Bevan John in conversation with Anne-Marie Cockburn

Anne-Marie Cockburn speaks honestly and beautifully for Populate Co-op’s​ 2nd “Looking at Our Future” podcast at The Bear & The Bean.​ Anne-Marie Cockburn is the bereaved mother of Cherwell schoolgirl Martha Fernback. After the death of Martha, Anne-Marie became an author and active drug policy campaigner, advocating for all drugs to be legally regulated. They discuss why Anne-Marie campaigns – “we speak for the dead to protect the living.”

Anne-Marie will be talking to Bevan John, a Coach Mentor for Radcliffe Academy Oxfordshire Pupil Referral Unit, a former Broadcaster for Destiny FM (a community radio station) and previous Teaching Assistant at Cherwell School.