About Us

Populate Co-operative is passionate about bringing places to life with people, whether those places are parks, city squares, libraries, cafes or art galleries.

We are a community owned organisation creating and facilitating events and projects in UK cities. We actively deliver programmes of events and develop resources, while also mentoring and supporting artists, creatives and community organisations to deliver their own successful events.

Our ambition is to both ‘populate’ urban places with people and creating a network of active communities achieving the following aims:

  • Improve community cohesion through delivering events with diverse attendances
  • Develop innovative new event formats, projects and workshops to tackle social injustice or environmental issues
  • Create space for the arts and creativity within all communities

The People

We are lucky to have a team of founding members with a lot of experience of co-operatives, the arts and running community organisations as well as a passion for food, events and bicycles. Read more about what they bring to the community below:



Dan is happiest when exploring innovative ways to bring people together. A keen baker and cyclist with a background in the arts, Populate will benefit from a broad skill set and bags of positive energy and a love of co-operatives. With experience of social enterprises, charities and local authorities, Dan will be a great asset. See his Linkedin Account for a detailed history of his experience here.


Members - George MendelsonExperienced in facilitating activities to promote arts and culture, George works with a talented team of freelance designers, writers, artists, actors, musicians and creative people to provide creative projects for communities. George comes to Populate with a background in charities and currently working closely with local educational authorities, he brings a passion for building effective services for Children and Young People to reach their full potential in education.

We are currently pulling together the Steering Committee which will bring experience to Populate in it’s first year as an organisation as we establish income streams and build a firm foundation for the future. Members of the Steering Committee recruited so far:

Caro Howell – Bringing expertise in Education and Museums

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