Populate Online

Facebook – Populate Facebook

Photos – Populate Photo Gallery

Food Videos – Rock & Roll Recipe Video Channel

Populate Twitter Accounts – Main Account, Arts, Bicycles and Food


Co-ops UK – Great site from the national body for co-operation

Co-ops Hour – Every Wednesday from 2-3pm the tag #coopshour is used for networking, sharing news, plugging events and putting the world to rights

Cultivate Co-op –  An online hub for pooling knowledge and resources on co-operatives

Co-opoly – A game of cooperation and collaboration, where participants collaborate to start and run a democratic and participatory enterprise.

Community Bicycle Organisations

Oxford – Broken Spoke Bicycle Co-op

Norwich – Bicycle Links CIC


Access Arts – A membership organisation facilitating high quality visual arts workshops and events to a wide audience.

Print To The People – A Norwich artist led, social enterprise dedicated to the production and promotion of traditional printmaking processes.


Rock and Roll Recipes – Playful recipe videos set to music

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