Food is so much more than fuel for your legs. We love to end events somewhere where food can help encourage a social. We’ve been working on simple recipes so that we can offer great food to participants without it being too expensive. Our aim is to make food that would suit outdoor and occasional venues that we can make available for under £5 for those who attend events.

You can follow Populate’s food thoughts on the We Knead Dough Twitter account.

Event Menus

1900 rolls

Bread and Baked Bits & Bobs

Bread, humble yet delicious and at the heart of the Populate events kitchen. Whether served with soup, as a breakfast item or the foundation of a pizza, our catering team spend most of their lives kneading dough!

  • Ale, Oat & Rye Rolls
  • Spelt Sesame Rolls
  • Seeded Gluten-free Rolls
  • Croissants
  • Breakfast Muffins


1550 pizzaWood Fired Pizza

When it comes to creativity in food, pizzas are a great place to start. Like a blank canvas, a fresh pizza base is the perfect place to experiment with flavours and textures in what you eat. They’re great without a plate and quick and easy to make so that means they suit events perfectly.

Our wood fired oven can arrive by bicycle and is quick to heat up to a temperature for cooking.

  •  Fresh dough bases cooked in a wood fired oven
  •  Vegan and vegetarian toppings




Warm and nourishing, soup is a staple of the Populate menu.

  • Chunky Minestrone
  • Spicy Pumpkin
  • Toppings: diced bacon, croutons, mixed seeds, cashew nuts



Rock & Roll Recipe Channel

Populate’s food team are keen to inspire you to explore the exciting world of what can be made in the kitchen!

Check out the Rock & Roll Recipes Youtube Channel here!

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