Populate Co-operative is passionate about bringing places to life with people, whether those places are parks, libraries, cafes or art galleries

We are a community owned organisation creating and facilitating events and projects in UK cities. We actively deliver programmes of events and develop resources, while also mentoring and supporting artists, creatives and community organisations to deliver their own successful events. Curious to get a flavour of the quality of engagement and activity we deliver then watch this video:

Oxfordshire Kindness Wave

Populate Co-op is proud to co-lead a project called Oxfordshire Kindness Wave.

Since March 2020, Oxfordshire Kindness Wave has built a movement powered by love, kindness, comfort and hope, whilst providing much needed positive activity throughout this pandemic. This project has been made possible by a partnership with Ark T – Oxford’s Arts Centre where people, art and powerful ideas come together, and Oxfordshire Virtual School Looking After Learning for Children and Young People We Care For.

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